Believe only half of everything you read.

Everyone is on one form of social media or another, and each gets scrutinized by peers and employers.
Sometimes it fails.

First we have the most recent screw up of NBC and the late Neil Armstrong.
NBC was the first to learn about the death of Neil Armstrong, but announced on “Astronaut Neil Young, first man to walk on moon, dies at age 82,” which was quickly caught by readers and Tweeted by thousands.
One small error for a writer, one giant error for a national news conglomerate.
Lesson learned: Fact check, or know your history.

Woody Harrelson on February 3rd, hosted a Ask Me Anything, AMA, on Reddit. Users can ask any questions, provoking discussion. Reddit users quickly learned Harrelson was only doing an AMA to promote his movie, Rampart, and there was a quick backlash against him and his publicist. Harrelson is now constantly made fun of on Reddit and other social media sites.
Lesson learned: Know your audience.

Mid-January McDonalds launched a Twitter campaign asking people to tweet memories or great stories involving the hashtag #McDStories. This turned negative fast. Users used this as an opportunity to share horrific experiences and very negative opinions.
Lesson learned: Have a plan B.


As we all should know, be careful on social media. It may be your profile, but use privacy settings. Who knows what can get out there?