May the Social Media Odds Be Ever in your Favor.

by AshKals

There’s something uplifting about saying we should all be focused on the “issues” and not the “personalities” in the presidential debates. But is that right?

Tonight we’re into the quadrennial round of presidential debates. The time when we all get to gather around our television sets and even laptops to watch the two gladiators who would be our next President go one on one dealing with the issues.

But I’m not sure we even need the social scientists to tell us to trust our instincts about whom we want to be our President. After all, aren’t some of the very things we judge by appearances such as trustworthiness, intelligence, and decisiveness.

That’s why these televised and streamed presidential debates are so important. Sure, there will be plenty of talk about the issues. Everyone and especially the commentators will be keeping track of how well the two candidates handle what they say about the important things we face as a country. But all of us will be judging the two men every bit as much on what they’re communicating to us about themselves as people.

Twitter made a debate page for this evenings event. YouTube said earlier this week that it plans special streaming coverage of the debates as well. The entire country can be the commentators and their own experts. These days everyone has a voice whether someone wants to hear it or not.