So Who Is Actually Winning?

by AshKals

When Barack Obama seemed to have had the poll numbers to back it up  (that was just a week ago, wasn’t it? ) there were abundant suggestions that claimed liberal media bias was paving the way for Obama back to the White House.

But the performance by Mitt Romney in last week’s debate, a poll by the Pew Research Center showed that Mr. Romney had not only made up ground, but was four points ahead of President Barack Obama among likely voters. (And a Gallup poll seemed to support the notion that Mr. Romney was surging.)

As Joseph Weisenthal, the Business Insider writer and tweet machine known as @TheStalwart, “If you want to know the big bias in media (of which I am guilty) it’s storyline bias.” The headlines reflected not disappointment, but excitement that the game was on.

 The New York Times: “Romney Erases Obama’s Convention Bounce In media narrative.”

Slate: “Was Romney’s Debate Win The Most Convincing in History? It Looks That Way.”

Liberal bias hasn’t gone away, it’s just been drowned out by a convincing Romney victory in the debate. I think what journalists, conservative or liberal, always crave more than actual fairness, are twists. Then, each side gets its turn to whine about something. Which, in turn, is fairness once removed. This election has made clear, nobody knows anything. But if the media is putting a thumb on the scale, its usually one that points toward anything more exciting than what they are already covering.