So Many Options

by AshKals

This all started last night at around 2:30 in the morning.
Studying for my marketing test, and finding it somewhat interesting, I was wondering where I can go in this field. 

I go to a really popular search engine (God knows I’ll be sued for copy right something these days,) and find out all about marketing analytics and what schools are the best for a masters.

First, I hobble across this YouTube video parody. Basically making fun of graduate schools and essentially calling them a “scam.”

After laughing and reading the diverse, educated comments under the video, I kept up with my search. First school and problem big dream school is Wharton school of business at University of Pennsylvania. I signed up for more info. Later today Wharton admissions counselors were doing a live chat at 5 p.m. “Philly” time.

Next I got an email to check out their forum for frequently asked questions.

Next I got an email to check out their blog for more in-depth student stories.

Next I got an email to subscribe to their email updates. A this point I was scared, if I wasn’t getting email updates now, what was it like to…

If you in generally google your school (in this case, Wharton) you get so many different kinds of search results and answers. Their wikipedia page, what other schools people search in addition to Wharton, their Youtube channel and a bunch of opinion pages (all positive) about Wharton.


So we can get all these information about a school, accessing so many different kinds of communication medium, and getting all up into a schools culture and attitude- only to be rejected by one flat envelope at the end. This has to be the worst kind of breakup. 

Secondly, we get so much information on these schools. We use to judge based on academics, how many people get  a job after and cost. Now its all about blogs, and what people tweeted, the events, how people interact and it can go on for months. What data is really important for us to make a decision?