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Month: November, 2012

When is far too far?

Powerful men, no matter how brilliant and accomplished, can suffer from a form of temporary insanity caused by the interaction of arrogance and a huge ego.

The General Patraeus scandal has reached an all time news coverage especially in television media.

Americans are torn about the question of private life and the public sphere.

Americans are already trying to work out whether it makes sense to even consider the sexual lives of public officials. There is the none-of-our-business crowd, which  is gaining strength, pitted against those who would like to keep aiming for strict ideals of moral code. if you can cheat on your wife, can you cheat on your country?

A sex scandal will push everything off the top of the rundown or the front page, especially when the most immediate next challenge is the “fiscal cliff,” a dry, over covered topic that will cause most people to change the channel or turn the page.Image


Blah, Blah, Blah turns into Blog, Blog, Blog

Here at Florida Institute of Technology, in every class I have attended, they fully encourage blogging. Even our marketing department constantly craves people with interesting and unique stories to blog about.


But its not only F.I.T. Check out these other colleges.Image

     Vanderbilt uses WordPress to produce a monthly online magazine. Filled with great articles and pictures catering to alumni, you would never know you weren’t holding a glossy magazine. We live in a time when protecting the environment is important to many people. Subscribers are making the move to online paperless magazines. Vanderbilt Magazine and WordPress show you how easy designing an online magazine can be.

But just how are Universities using Social Media, and how do they measure ‘success’ of the channel? 

  • By far the biggest effort is put into engaging their alumni networks and creating and maintaining the ‘brand’ image of the Institution.
  • Over 4/5ths of Universities use social media to engage their alumni network.
  • One in three Universities claim their use of social media is more “efficient” in reaching their target audience … but is this efficient in staff time or efficient in results?
  • Nearly 2/3rds of Universities say the number of likes or friends or followers is a measure of success, yet only 1/10th say the link between social media use and student applications is important.
  • 1/5th of Universities think they are “very successful” with their use of social media, so that leaves 80% who think there is room for improvement … I wonder what they think they need to do that they’re not already, and why they’re not doing it yet then?
  • While Facebook is the biggest social network the Universities studied are using, services like Flickr and blogs have had the biggest investment (time or effort) since 2010.


The more you know, eh?