When is far too far?

by AshKals

Powerful men, no matter how brilliant and accomplished, can suffer from a form of temporary insanity caused by the interaction of arrogance and a huge ego.

The General Patraeus scandal has reached an all time news coverage especially in television media.

Americans are torn about the question of private life and the public sphere.

Americans are already trying to work out whether it makes sense to even consider the sexual lives of public officials. There is the none-of-our-business crowd, which  is gaining strength, pitted against those who would like to keep aiming for strict ideals of moral code. if you can cheat on your wife, can you cheat on your country?

A sex scandal will push everything off the top of the rundown or the front page, especially when the most immediate next challenge is the “fiscal cliff,” a dry, over covered topic that will cause most people to change the channel or turn the page.Image